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Websites and Search Engines: Finding Common Ground

Search Engine OptimizationHaving a website for your business is not enough. It is simply having an address online people can search for. You still have to work hard to be visible in a crowded market. While search engines make it easy for users to find what they are looking for, they still choose what to present first based on different factors. Your website has to meet these factors for it to be the top result. Placing at the top means higher chances of site visits.

In the Twin Cities, search engine optimization is a priority for most businesses. You have to know what to include or not include in your website for it to work well with search engines. Here are some of them.

What to Include

Content is still the most important aspect of your website. From the titles and subheadings to actual text or meta data, the content dictates what is searchable on your page. Great content is not just attractive for search engines but also increases positive user experience. When an online user lands on your page, it should be easy to find what they are looking for. They would want a site that is easy to use and loads all its elements properly.

What to Avoid

While content may be important, this does not mean you have to stuff your page with all the keywords you can use. Search engines can detect such actions and may even cause your site to not be featured on top result. Too many ads can turn people off and sometimes, they may even affect the layout of your page. It is understandable to have them if you wish to earn from your site but it has to be streamlined with the design.

User experience remains the top priority when it comes to designing your website to work with search engines.

SEO Proposal

The Right Way to Evaluate an SEO Proposal

SEO ProposalThe digital landscape is extremely competitive, and most business owners will not be able to thrive online without expert assistance. Thus, it is crucial for you to choose and hire the right agency to handle your digital marketing needs. But how do you tell which SEO proposal is better than the others?

Before you speak with agencies, it is important to have a basic understanding of how SEO works, and what to look for. This will greatly improve your chances of finding a stellar provider that will take your business to the top of the search rankings, driving valuable traffic to your website.

What Should the Proposal Contain?

You should start by looking for top-rated agencies on review websites like SEOCompaniesReviewed.com, and asking them to submit a proposal. If they are any good, they will then proceed to conduct a thorough audit of your website and business goals, tailoring their recommendations to your specific needs.

Usually, the scope of their proposal will cover the following services.

  • Changing the website structure in order to make it SEO friendly
  • Improving and optimizing on-page content
  • Building relevant, authoritative links to the website

In addition, the proposal should have define key performance indicators, frequency of reporting, and other deliverables for the project. If an agency struggles to explain their services and how you can measure their value, it is a sign that you should look elsewhere.

While an agency should always give you an estimate of what they can accomplish, remember that no company can guarantee first place rankings for a specific keyword. Beware of claims that sound too good to be true; if an agency uses black hat tactics, you will see a rapid improvement at first, but your website will suffer greatly in the long run.

You should also pay attention to other relevant factors, such as the contract lock-in period. Some agencies may insist on a six-month or longer contract, while others are confident enough to offer their services on a monthly basis. Don’t rush the decision; the agency you choose can make or break your online success.