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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Skateboarding

skateboarding Have you recently acquired a skateboard? Are you having trouble with even just standing up on it? Are you close to giving up?

Stop right there. Learning something new is always an uphill battle, but there will always be a peak and downhill. Skateboarding is actually a hard thing to nail down, but satisfying when you have successfully executed your first trick. And you won’t get that awesome feeling if you give up now.

If you need some hacks or even motivation, then you should probably read on.

Getting Ready To Fall

The usual reasons people want to learn to skate are either to look cool, to make new friends or to perform tricks. There are those who immediately try out the skateboard grinding rail when they’ve just gotten the hang of gliding and turning. The important thing to remember when learning new things is to master the fundamentals of it.

Be ready to fall because it’s going to happen. Even pros fall and they have accepted is a part of their sport. It will hurt, but this is why you should prepare for it and wear the right gear.

A helmet is good enough. Getting pads is even better as you’ll mostly be falling on your knees, elbows and hands rather than on your head. Also, wear the appropriate shoes. You wear a dress or even a mascot, probably, but the right pair of shoes is necessary as they can increase the grip of your foot to the deck. Lastly, get a beginner’s skateboard.

While you might think you look lame wearing a helmet and pads, at least you are not literally lame for skimping out of safety.

What You Were Probably Waiting For

So now that you’ve prepared to for the inevitable hurt and time for those tricks that you were promised.

First, figure out how you want to stand on your skateboard. You can stand however you like because there’s no right way but if you get confused about the different stances and people telling you, which is better, you will get hurt.

Second, try to master an Ollie first. Third, find a skate friend to teach you. There are reasons why there are not a lot of skateboard instructions on the internet. It’s a sport; you’ll have to learn it by doing it, not by reading it. A skate friend or group will be your YouTube and WikiHow, but even better. Fourth, learn how to tail stop. Five, you probably were expecting this, don’t give up and have fun.

Skateboarding can be an exciting activity if you arm yourself with the right information. So always do some research and don’t hesitate to get some professional help.


Why Sports Fandom is Good for Your Health

Sport FansSeveral studies say being a huge sports fan could make you healthier.

Most people watch sports on TV, but there is also a huge population of people who go to live sporting events regularly, The Ticket Merchant notes. Those huge sports fans have been a topic of several psychological studies. Many of them already revealed that being a sports fan could make someone happier, as there is a surge of dopamine – also known as a happy hormone – whenever people watch sports. But apart from its psychological benefits, being a sports fan has mental and physical benefits too.

1. It Increases Your Heart and Breathing Rate

A study revealed that when people watch a sport event live or on TV, their heart and breathing rate increases, similar to what happens during a workout. The sympathetic nervous system activity, which rises during actual exercise, also increases slightly when a person watches a sport event.

2. It Encourages You to Lose Weight

Watching sports could inspire you to lose weight. Some sports fans idolise famous players to the extent that they exercise, lose weight, and train to be as good as their idols. In one study, people who participated in a 12-week training for football fans lost an average of 12 pounds.

3. It Keeps Your Mind Sharper

Researchers say that avid sports fans often analyse the game extensively and treat it like a puzzle. Watching games also activates the mirror neurons in the brain. These neurons help the sports fans understand the actions of the players, which encourage them to think of what to do next as if they were the ones playing the game.

So, if you’re a huge sports fan now, keep your fandom. Don’t ever believe if someone says that your excessive fandom brings nothing to your life, because being an avid sports fan does not only make you happier, but it also makes you healthier.