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Getting to Know Your Dentist

Choosing a DentistEven for normal day-to-day life to work, we need co-operation to get everything done. From the close bonds you have with friends and family to the quick transactions you have with retailers, the world turns on the strength of relationships. The same is true with your dentist.

Any time building a relationship involves someone who is attending to your health in some way, it entails an element of trust in someone else’s care and skill. Choosing a dentist, like Victoria Road Dental Centre in Ruislip, means putting your smile in someone else’s hands. Here we will investigate the impact this choice has on you.

Benefits of a Good Relationship

Good communication between you and your dentist is vital. If you have an open flow of information between you, it means that you can ask any questions you want, talk about concerns and get the advice you need. 

You want to feel relaxed right away so the administration staff who greet you are also an important part of the experience. If they are calm, efficient and discreet then you can immediately begin to feel happy and taken care of.

Expanding your Dental Experience

Once you are happy that your basic need for routine check-ups and hygiene are being taken care of, it might be time to expand your experience. Your dentist can also offer you elective, cosmetic procedures designed to enhance your teeth. You can choose great, long-term treatments like cosmetic orthodontics or a quick teeth whitening. Your dentist might even be able to recommend combinations that work well together.

Do you Want Even More?

You may have the option to take things even further. Many practitioners are now extending their skills to include the application of Botox and other facial aesthetics treatments. If you are already in an environment you can trust, it is the perfect place to consider taking this step.

Botox treatments can enhance your look by smoothing out fine lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Your dentist will let you know the best sites to focus on to improve your look. The Botox is administered directly to your chosen sites by injection. Your dentist tells you what to expect, how long it will last and any potential issues to look out for, although these are rare.

Likened to Porcelain: The Psychological Boost Teeth Whitening Provides

Teeth Whitening in Highlands RanchHaving teeth unsightly to behold can dampen anyone’s spirits. Imagine the bewildered stares one would attract if, for example, he opens his mouth to speak, revealing a full set of discolored teeth. The stained and yellowing teeth will surely elicit disgust, especially if it surprises one’s audience. The audience could find themselves in shock; the appalled expression all over their faces.

If it were you speaking, how would you feel? No one can blame you for feeling depressed. 

Bad habits, kept up for years, can cause teeth discoloration. Drinking coffee or soda, along with the consumption of acidic food, are a few examples. Teeth whitening, as a solution to stained and discolored teeth, can alleviate the depression. Among other benefits, the psychological boost it provides is the most apparent of advantages.

Expert Advice

When it comes to such dental treatments, it’s best to consider the opinion of professionals. Willow Creek Dental, a dental practice providing teeth whitening in Highlands Ranch, discusses the treatment procedure. The dental practice mentions how a lot of people try over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Oftentimes, these have unnatural-looking results.

On the other hand, the ZOOM! in-office tooth whitening system carried out by dental professionals, uses a special gel activated by light. The package also includes customized mouth trays and a take-home whitening gel for maintenance.

Having yellow, brown, or stained teeth can make anyone self-conscious beyond normalcy. It can be detrimental to one’s social life if left untreated. Teeth whitening is an available solution — unless you’d rather have your teeth extracted and replaced with dentures.

The Psychological Benefits of Teeth Whitening

For one, it can increase one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. This alone can be the beginning of greater things for anyone. This affects social skills, which in turn, can provide a person with the necessary attitude for a number of life’s activities. This includes:

  1. Acing job interviews
  2. Improving dating experiences
  3. Having a positive outlook, in general

Studies have shown how people who smile more have greater chances at succeeding. If you were proud of your smile, white as it can be, won’t it do you good?

Teeth Whitening

The Limitations of Teeth Whitening Procedures

Teeth WhiteningMany people expect a teeth whitening session at the dentist to give them a perfectly bright and white smile befitting a model. While the procedure does make a remarkable difference to how great your teeth look, there are times when you could still be disappointed by the results.

Why do some teeth whitening cases fail to give your teeth that perfect shade you really want? What most people need to understand is that this procedure has its limits, and there are some problems that it cannot fix on its own. This is something that your dentist will likely explain beforehand.

Understanding What Teeth Whitening Really Does

Tooth whitening is a process that removes persistent stains and discolouration from your teeth. These stains might be from the beverages or food you consume – coffee, tea, and berries can have a major effect on how your teeth look. Tobacco stains are also common, and can be removed easily. This treatment is offered around the world in practices such as Harley Street Dental Clinic.

The tooth whitening procedure does not repair damaged or thinning enamel, however, it can only restore it to its cleanest condition. Perhaps your teeth experienced strong physical trauma, and now have a noticeable discolouration. Maybe the enamel has become too thin after constant wear, exposing more of the yellow dentine underneath.

Any discolouration that goes beyond superficial causes, and affect the enamel itself, usually cannot be reversed by a simple teeth whitening treatment. But do not fret, as there are other cosmetic procedures that your dentist will recommend.

The Alternatives to Teeth Whitening

Once the dentist has determined that your teeth are discoloured because of your weakened or damaged enamel, he or she may suggest a variety of possible solutions. The most common by far is to attach veneers and crowns to the affected teeth.

These porcelain coverings not only restore your teeth to premier whiteness, they also hide other physical imperfections. Any chips or cracks will be hidden away, and your smile will look better than it has in years. Crowns and veneers do need to be replaced eventually, but they are highly durable.

A professional tooth whitening procedure can do wonders for your smile, but in some cases, it will not be enough. Make sure to communicate with your dentist, and find out what options you have.