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Top 5 Family-Friendly Beachside Restaurants in Sentosa

Sentosa beachA long, activity-filled day on the sun-soaked beaches of Sentosa deserves a nice, intimate meal with the whole family. There are so many dining options available wherever you go, but nothing beats a good old family-friendly restaurant with a breathtaking view of the beach. Here are seven of the best beachfront restaurants that cater to all members of the family.

FOC Sentosa

Experience a vibrant beach culture with a Mediterranean touch at FOC Sentosa. Its poolside restaurant and bar serve up the most tantalizing array of Spanish cuisines, spirits, and beverages. It is an offshoot of the FOC tapas bar in Hong Kong, owned by Michelin-starred chef Nandu Jubany. Set right on the beach, it is certainly a family-friendly dining option.

Sunday Brunch at Barnacles by the Sea

Set in an idyllic location, where naturally landscaped gardens open to a breathtaking view of the South China Sea, Sunday Brunch at Barnacles by the Sea offers a unique dining experience. Its menu boasts a repertoire of scrumptious seafood and grilled dishes for the whole family to enjoy, with a dedicated children’s buffet to tickle even the most sensitive palates.

Bora Bora Beach Bar

A favourite destination in Sentosa – The State of Fun, Bora Bora Beach Bar offers a dining experience perfect for families. It sits right on one of the best Singapore beaches, where you can dine under a canopy of coconut trees while your kids play in the sand. The culture is vibrant, complemented with an open ambience.

Siloso Beach Bar

Relax and cool off by the poolside overlooking a breathtaking ocean view at the world-famous Siloso Beach Bar. Its repertoire of beverages, ice cream, and light snacks make it an ideal stop to unwind after a long day at the beach.

Wave House Sentosa Restaurant & Bar

Treat the whole family to scrumptious Western fare at the Wave House Sentosa Restaurant and Bar. Perched by the beach, the restaurant offers an ambience like no other. The tantalizing menu, prepared by talented chefs from California, showcases a modern fusion of Californian and Asian cuisine. Your kids will surely love its array of pizzas while you enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

There are many dining options sprinkled across Sentosa, but these five restaurants offer the chance to bond with the family while dining by the beach. Be sure to visit one of these places the next time you’re on vacation.


Enjoy a Stress-Free International Business Trip

Business TripThere’s already plenty going on in your mind about the business at hand. This can be further compounded by the stress of travelling to far destinations. Coming up with small yet efficient travel preparation hacks can make the entire process less of a headache for you. 

Here’s a guide to help you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free business trip: 

Organise Your Work Tools

Travelling comes with its own set of unexpected delays and missed deadlines. This makes it important for you to ensure all your devices are in top functioning form. Charge you electronic gadgets fully before making the trip.

Carry the power chords, portable chargers and any other tools that help sort out the communication aspect. Efficiently functioning devices and backup tools will allow you to work hitch-free, in case of unforeseen contingencies.

Get a Local Sim Card before Travelling

Some of the hugest expenses Australian business travellers incur on their smartphones are pricey surcharges and high usage rates on international roaming. Cut down this needless expense by purchasing a sim card for your destination before making the trip.

Industry professional Ukprepaidsimcard.com.au suggests buying a UK pre-paid sim right here in Australia to help you save on expensive international roaming.

Carry Versatile Clothing Pieces

Resourceful packing is the key to maximising your luggage space. Pack smartly to mix and match your outfits during the business trips. Carry along smart basics that can be paired with more than one piece. This makes your wardrobe look varied, yet allows you carry less.

Some formal trousers, a versatile white shirt, a dapper looking blazer, a few knit shirts can be cleverly paired with each other to offer a different look each day.

Organising your gadgets for effective communication in unforeseen circumstances, packing resourcefully and saving on international call costs can help to undertake a stress-free and productive work trip. Planning ahead can help you focus on the business task at hand, and not worry about trying to figure things out in unknown destinations.