The Indoorsman’s Guide to Brisbane’s Nightlife

Dancing in BrisbaneYou either enjoy staying outdoors or you don’t. For those who prefer the comfort of their homes, you might entertain the idea of going out sometimes to enjoy your city’s sights and events. Brisbane offers a lot of spectacular views and events when the sun goes down.

Trade your cereals for a round of cocktail one night and follow this guide from to conquering the best of Brisbane at night.

Where to Eat

Before you start on your night’s first drink, you have to eat first. The first rule of being outside is to never drink on an empty stomach. Burnett Lane is one place you can peacefully eat to start off your night. Parallel to Queen Street Mall, it has a wide range of eateries that range from tapas to NYC street food.

Where to Drink

Down by the river is Mr & Mrs G, an intimate bar where you can mingle and meet new people without the overwhelming crowd you would want to avoid. It has beautiful floor to ceiling windows, not to mention the kind of bar you wish you had at home.

Where to Dance

Now that you’ve warmed up to the joys of staying out late at night, you will want to go dancing. Cloudland is one of Brisbane’s best. This two-storey club will make you feel like you turned up in a different era with it’s The Great Gatsby inspired décor and will make you want to let go and dance with its funk-dance vibe.

Where to Eat Again

Hungry again? Don’t rush home yet and try Greaser, a dive bar that makes the best after hours fried chicken, perfect for when you’re tired and craving something sinful and satisfying. You may even chase it down with tequila, for a nightcap.

Brisbane has your whole night covered.