The Secret to Clean Blinds: Know the Types

Blinds TypeWindows improve the interior of your home. More often than not, however, cleaning them regularly do not make it to your list of chores for the day. Cleaning them is not a hard chore.

Make your home in Brisbane even more welcoming! Get ready and be inspired to clean your roller blinds with these ideas. 

Know your blinds type

There are different types of window blinds. The first step to properly care for your blinds is to know which material they are made of, reminds an expert from Image Blinds. For blinds made of fabrics, use a light brush, vacuum them or soak them in water with soap occasionally to make them squeaky clean without ruining the quality.

Blinds made of wood, on the other hand, can be cleaned using dusters or using a vacuum cleaner. They should not be soaked in soap and water. For aluminium blinds, an occasional cleaning with warm soapy water can restore its shine. For faux-wood blinds, dusting is enough. But when your faux-wood blinds are in the kitchen and are covered with grease, mix a part of vinegar with water. Use a cloth to clean the blinds.

There are different blinds type, be sure to know which method to use for which type of material to ensure a lasting quality for your blinds. 

DIY cleaning materials 

Because of its delicate material, specialised blinds cleaning solution and materials are sold in the market. Mixing water and vinegar and using it for cleaning will save your blinds from strong and harmful substances usually found in commercial cleaning solutions.

It may not always make it to your list of chores for the day, but cleaning your blinds is something worth doing regularly.