Three Quick Tips on EPDM Rubber Roof Maintenance

In the UK, EPDM rubber materials are the popular choice among families, especially for those who have low-sloping roof systems. The material provides sufficient protection against the natural elements, and can last longer than the conventional roofing components.

rubber roof

Still, despite its growing popularity, there are still many who are not acquainted with the proper methods for its maintenance. Sometimes, they spend more time replacing the rubber membrane than benefitting from it.

If you have EPDM rubber roofing, take these preventive maintenance tips into account, and make the most of the material’s benefits:

Petroleum distillates don’t go well with rubber

Substances containing petroleum solvents and harsh abrasives are incompatible with EPDM. They cause massive swelling and extensive damage to the membrane. So, be wary when using cleaners. Look for the information, and see if it lists petroleum distillates as ingredients.

Mind the gaps

Don’t take gaps for granted. Any open space a quarter of an inch wide can damage the membrane over time. Fill the gaps with wooden strips, and make sure they fit snugly.  For good measure, allow a few inches of the membrane to overlap on another. This way, you can be sure that no leaks will breach the roofing system.

Clean regularly

Nothing beats regular cleaning when it comes to EPDM rubber roofing maintenance. As often as possible, remove unwanted debris and check for any damages. This will also help you prepare whenever you have to replace the material in the future.

It pays to give extra attention to your EPDM rubber roof. After all, it protects your home from the elements. Just be sure to regularly check on your roof, and it’ll serve its purpose for a long time.