Three Signs You Are Leading a Successful Life

Successful Working Young AdultAs a working adult, you are bracing yourself for the notorious quarter-life crisis, but it does not seem to ever come. College was eons ago and you cannot help but ask yourself: ‘Have I changed a lot since then? How will I know if I had?’

Social media has taught us to measure success in notifications and pictures that boast of new cars and mansions. What we do not know is that success is also found in the little things and in how we function on a daily basis.

Here are three signs you are living a successful life without even knowing it:

1. You Know How to Manage Your Time

Back in the day, you would wake up half an hour before school starts. You come to class with shampoo still on your scalp and you also realise you have forgotten your homework. Now, you have your procrastinating days behind you and even keep a planner to jot down what you need to do each day. You never skip breakfast and you are always eager to head to bed early.

2. You Have Raised Your Standards

Standards do not only pertain to relationships, but also to every other aspect of your life. Moving out from that dusty cubby hole in the middle of nowhere and into a comfortable suite in Paya Lebar Quarters shows how much you value your living space. Your environment can affect your wellbeing and you know well enough that you deserve to feel relaxed after a long day of work.

3. You Know What You Want and You Are Doing Whatever It Takes to Get There

You have always been ambitious at heart, but you never really narrowed down your dreams to attainable goals; hence, never reaching most of them. Now, you know what you want in life and you are aware that a goal needs both work and time for it to be achieved.

Do not be too hard on yourself. Big successes will not materialise on their own, but if you always do little things each day to get there, you are not far from them.