Typical Headache-Inducing Problems of the iPhone

iPhone ProblemsApple is now one of the most valuable brands in the world.  Its products have top-of-mind awareness for consumers in New Zealand, China or in any other country.  Just because people demand the products, however, does not mean they are problem-free.

The issue of ‘bendgate’ has lost steam since the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but there are still lingering, headache-inducing problems that customers face when they use Apple products.

My Battery Died…Again

Since the availability of the iPhone 6, owners have shown a general displeasure with the phone’s battery life. Users who extensively use their iPhones for a variety of purposes, such as tracking their exercise routines, streaming music and browsing the web have difficulties with the short battery life of the phone.

According to reviews, the latest iPhone’s battery does not perform any better than its predecessor, despite having a larger 1,810 mAh battery that it needs to power a bigger and brighter display screen. Users have to recharge their phones frequently to fully enjoy its features.

The problem gets worse when the battery breaks or gets damaged. Apple Fix suggests that replacing the battery would be a better option than using a defective one.

 Cannot Connect? That’s Wi-Fried

Users have aptly called the Wi-Fi problems of their iPhones, ‘Wi-Fried’. The iPhone 6’s persistent problems with staying online have turned annoyance into borderline psychopathic anger. Exaggeration aside, users have complained about the difficulties with connecting and sluggish performance when using Wi-Fi networks wherever they may be.

The Wi-Fried problem causes connections to drop frequently without cause, affecting browsing, streaming, downloading and uploading files.

Keyboard Woes

iPhone users have constant problems with the default keyboard. The iOS 8’s additional feature of enabling users to download and use third-party keyboards just made things worse. Some users experience disappearing keyboards or glitches. The configuration has also made it difficult for users to properly type because of the letters’ spacing.

These headache-inducing problems are just a few of the things that users encounter. Should you have a problem with your iPhone, look into having these fixed immediately for a better mobile experience.