Utah Ranks Among States with Reasonable Costs of Car Ownership

Cars in Utah Car ownership can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the situation.

Sure, vehicles under your possession may sometimes earn admiration from others. On a practical point, it makes life more convenient by knowing that you have a certain means of transportation at all times.

Yet like everything, owning a car entails costs and that involves several of them. From insurance to taxes, you should be aware how much it would cost you to buy a car aside from the sale price on the vehicle itself.

State by State

The state where you live also contributes to the cost of acquiring and maintaining vehicles. In Utah, the expenses related to car ownership ranked 26th in terms of affordability in buying and owning a car over a three-year period, according to data from GOBankingRates.

The analyzed data focused on factors, such as car sales tax and title fees, registration costs, insurance and expenses involving fuel and car maintenance.

While Utah ranked in the middle of the list, the price from where you plan to buy an automobile across the state still affects the overall price tag. For instance, the cost of buying antique cars in Salt Lake City will certainly be quite different from purchasing one in Midvale.

The Future of Driving

Since GOBankingRates’ data only tinkered with conventional vehicles, the expenses tied to owning self-driving cars remains to be an area for exploration. Even if the technology is yet to be introduced on a broad scale, many states have already thought of ways of catering to these autonomous vehicles.

In Virginia, transportation planners asserted that high-tech roads would soon be a normal sight in traffic. These are installed with fiber optics and signaling equipment to aid and ensure self-driving cars travel quickly, yet safely, while on the road.

If you live in Utah (or planning to move there), why not get yourself a car. You deserve it anyway.