Vinyl or Wood Plantation Shutter, Which is Perfect for You?

Shutters Plantation shutters highlight a sequence of adjustable louvres that enable light and air to come into a home. At the same time, it preserves a sense of security and privacy. Residents typically use it outdoors since it can function as a decoration, or it can shield against changing weather and storms. Even though the preferred pieces are always plantation wood shutters, vinyl is now another material that has entered the market.

Differences in Colour

Wood plantation shutters offer a wide array of colours, finishes and species. The manufacturers can stain or paint them to alter their appearance whenever you need a new feature in your home or to balance out your decor. Meanwhile, vinyl plantations only come in neutral shades and they cannot be refinished, stained or painted.

 Variation in Strength and Size

When it comes to strength, vinyl has nothing compared to the durability of wood. They even come in different sizes and shapes than their vinyl counterpart. The manufacturers reveal that they can only create vinyl not larger than 29 inches wide for the material is not sturdy enough to withstand this length.

It does not even matter if your window is smaller than the maximum length allowed because vinyl still needs support members like divider rails. However, this will ruin the traditional appearance of the shutters. Residents with huge windows should opt for wood plantation shutters to prevent issues with bending or sagging louvres.

Contrast in Costs

When it comes to the cost of purchasing plantation shutters, vinyl is the sure winner as it is more affordable than its counterpart. Manufacturers even reveal that residents can get at least 10 to 30 percent savings if they choose vinyl.

Determine the upsides and drawbacks of each material that perfectly suits your home. This will prevent you from having regrets in the future and keep you from unnecessary expenses if you decide to replace it.