Want to Earn Extra Dollars? Sell Those Old Automobile Parts

Automobile PartsA yard full of cheap used Nissan car parts in Auckland is an automotive wonderland. Here, car parts cost a fraction of the price of a brand-new component. It might interest you to know that most of the parts come from car owners like you.

Dealers pay for junk parts, which are then repurposed as fully functioning items for sale. This means that if you have a junk car in your garage, you earn good money by selling it.

Money in, junk out

Many dealers are after the frame, but there are also dealers offering cash for cars in West Auckland. Some dealers pay for viable parts you have removed from junk automobile. If you are serious about earning extra dollars, check your old car for components that are still worth something.

Sell the wheel rims, aluminium trim, antenna, car radio, speakers and wiper arms. Also, check whether the starter motor and alternator are still salvageable. Find a scrap yard with a competitive pricing scheme and sell automobile parts separately.

Do’s and don’t’s

If you don’t know anything about scrapping, find a local mechanic who can advise you on the parts to sell to scrap dealers. Take extra care when removing the transmission, carburettor and other parts that may still earn you a few extra dollars.

Know the value of the automotive component to get a good deal. Ask around or check pricelists online. Doing research will also help pinpoint the scrap buyers that give their customers good deals.

New Zealanders are now open to the idea of reusing vehicle components instead of buying new ones. While scrapping an old car is a profitable prospect, it is also a good way to converse natural resources.