Wearing the Right Shoes for Your Midi Dress

Wearing midi dresses is tricky because its hemline starts along the middle of the calf, making you look shorter than you actually are. This is why it’s not advisable for short people, though it doesn’t look good on some tall people, too. Other than complementing it with your height and curves, you also need to wear the appropriate shoes. This way, you won’t emphasise more on its shrinking feature.


The height of the shoes will depend on the cut of the hemline. It it’s higher, you’ll need to wear wedges or high heels higher than two inches. If the hem is longer and goes well past the knees, however, it’s acceptable to wear one-inch heels.

Avoid wearing flats because it lacks the ability to make your legs appear longer. Platform shoes or sandals are okay, though. Even if it’s technically flat in terms of appearance, it adds height.

Another trick is to wear high heels or wedges that show the toes. It creates an illusion because it exposes your skin, adding an extended effect to your legs. For casual midi dresses, however, ankle boots or a pair of chucks is advisable.
By wearing the correct footwear, you can improve your over all style. This way, you’ll look presentable from head to toe.