What Do Perth Residents Use Sundays For?

Perth ResidentsSunday is the new preferred day for auctions. At least that’s the trend in Perth, where hundreds of property auctions are happening on Sundays alone. With the working individuals having their hands tied on the weekdays, and Saturday growing popularity as family day, it seems inevitable that Sunday takes the throne. 

Rest Day No More

Sunday is a slow day for many busy Perth residents. But it’s a busy time for auctioneers. The ‘free’ day is when residents decide to do what they can’t do any other day of the week. Their preferred activities range from going to the supermarket for grocery top-ups to looking for trucks sales at a nearby Perth dealership. It’s not a day with a late start anymore; it’s a day to be productive before you have to go back to your work routine the next day. 

Hectic Sunday? Not Necessarily

It’s a productive day, but that doesn’t have to translate to stress. It’s still a rest day, after all. It’s a time to do something you love, although it’s also a time to catch up on chores you won’t have time to do on the weekdays. 

Busy mums use the day to prepare make-ahead dishes that will last the week, or to go to night markets with friends. Health-conscious individuals can use Sundays to burn the calories on that cheat day no one wants to talk about.

It’s also a time for parents to catch up on their children’s schoolwork, and for dads to check their cars for any signs of trouble. Some may even use the day for a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood, or a quick visit to a scheduled auction to see if there’s something interesting in the lot. 

Whatever you use your Sunday for, make sure there’s something to show for it. After all, your happiness on a Sunday rolls over to Monday. And everyone needs a good start on the week.