What You Need to Know About the Community Health Center Financial Crisis

Improved Financial ProcessIn the latest news, federally qualified health centers have benefited from the Affordable Care Act. They were able to receive temporary funding. Community health centers have a different story, however. These health centers, according to study, are experiencing continued problems with their financial processes.

Problems Left and Right

You may be working in a community health center yourself, and you may have noticed the increase in patient volumes in the health center. Every other community health center is experiencing this, and they are having a difficult time catching up. Other problems of community health centers are unstable revenue cycle streams for healthcare, inadequate staffing, as well as limited funds for the implementation of alternative payment schemes.

Prediction vs. Reality

The patient volume increase may be traced to the fact that many community health centers are not only treating the uninsured but also the insured. The mentioned study showed that the number of insured and uninsured patients did not decrease as predicted under the Affordable Care Act. In fact, the number of insured patients at community health centers skyrocketed by 35% from 2010 to 2014.

What You Can Do

Of course, funding will be needed to remedy the issues hounding community health centers. For the meantime, however, you and your healthcare center may be able to enhance the financial processes with the available resources that you have right now. Rev-Ignition recommends consulting with professionals who know about revenue cycle management solutions.

Improve Financial Processes

Other things you can do is investing in an online medical billing tool. This can help the center by ensuring that as much people pay their hospital bills. Payment will become much more accessible and flexible as well. In addition, you can also pinpoint patients who are most likely to pay their bills.

You can improve your center’s revenue cycle management further under the guidance of professionals in the field. With the improvement, you may yet be able to patch up some of the cracks that the ACA has wrought in community health centers.